[12] update: index page. /art.html is now fully live!

[11] update: index page. removed /abt.html

[10] updated: i used a tumblr page theme for the ocs page bc it was rlly handy and im pee head, new pages: writing

[9] new pages: ocs

[8] well... uh i only started keeping track now! new pages: diary, funsies, updated: overall code/css


sou / 18 / they / pv#1772

DIES . .. . hi :3c i go by a handful of names but rn a lot of ppl know me as sou. i hate social media. [pensive] sure my site looks pretty uwu but i uh .. . im a beginner coder and i basically [pee]. and since im rlly bad at recording stuff, i though "uh . . .. . neocities sound rlly cool... why dont i use it to dump all my stuff in"... since its like... oh if u stumble across this c-cool. . . .i gues

well. i like to draw, talk non-stop abt ocs, and stuff like that. so i guess here i'll be putting stuff like my art, stuff about my ocs, and probably some like. poetry/writing stuff or whatever. idk!

i also rlly like to code, but im more of like uh.... i do it for fun and with the most minimal effort possible :flushed: idk. i think this could be a way to try and see if i can ever break my habit of not recording stuff !